A little bit about myself


I was born in Denmark, I got inspired in Paris by vintage fashion, and I have chosen to live in Rome. Monti is my creative space, and my fashion creations travel all over the world.

When I’m not working I love to read, relax and spend time with my two incredible twin daughters, and my lovely cat.

I prefer creating in my atelier rather than talking about myself, but plenty of magazines and websites do, so I’ll leave the words to them.

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Tina Sondergaard for Handmade Retro Inspired Dresses Straight out of Roman Holiday

Tina Sondergaard’s dress shop was filled with classic 1950 styled dresses all handmade by the designer, who also runs the shop. Many of the dresses are one of a kind. I loved all the bold graphics and gorgeous patterns, but had such limited time that I just I couldn’t make up my mind on a daring design.

So I instead went with the sure thing– a black, very Audrey Hepburnesque dress that will never go out of style. Also of note: cute tunics in lustrous fabrics and handbags. I also adored the cute retro inspired handbags. Back home in Manhattan, my dress is perfect for strolling down Fifth Avenue.

Source: SouvenirFinder,cim

Tina Sondergaard

In her small shop in Monti, Danish-born Tina Sondergaard whips up sublime custom-made dresses with a 1950s vibe. You can pick from luxe fabrics with bold graphics to jewel-colored shantung, and buy the perfect party dress either off the rack or tailored just for you.

Source: afar.com

Tina Sondergaard: Via del Boschetto 1d

In the Monti district in Rome, in Via del Boschetto 1d, Tina Sondergaard offers her collections from the 50s and 60s. A small cozy boutique full of colors and joy. [in Italian]

Source: SaraLeoni.bogspot.com

Tina Sondergaard

Tina Sondergaard, Via del Boschetto 1/D: The clothes at this tiny shop, all designed by Danish import Sondergaard (above), are hand-stitched and top-quality. The fabrics come from just outside Florence.

Along with her whimsical-but-classy pieces, Sondergaard will create items by request—she’s made everything from costumes to wedding dresses in the past. But even her bespoke work won’t break the bank: She recently custom-made a cocktail dress for €200

Source: RomeGuide.it

Tina Sondergaard

Tina Sondergaard, Via del Boschetto 1/D, The clothes at this tiny shop, all designed by Danish import Sondergaard (above), are hand-stitched and top-quality. The fabrics come from just outside Florence. Along with her whimsical-but-classy pieces, Sondergaard will create items by request—she’s made everything from costumes to wedding dresses in the past. But even her bespoke work won’t break the bank.

Source: TripFactory.com

Discover Rome, shopping in the Eternal City amidst artisan and vintage shops

While walking through the alleys of the Monti district, a short distance from Termini station, it is natural to look away from your smartphone to be captivated by dozens of trendy shop windows. Like the models that evoke the 1950s by Tina Sondergaard, whom she loves to contaminate the lines of the past with eccentric geometric patterns. [in Italian]

Source: Repubblica.it

Sustainable fashion in Rome: the best vintage, second-hand and tailor shops + a selection of the most beautiful markets!

When they ask me: “Laura, where would you advise me to buy an artisanal wedding dress?” I name her: Tina Sondergaard. Danish designer transplanted to Rome, Tina designs above all handmade dresses, skirts and overcoats perfect for formal moments for which you don’t need to have a plaster look. She takes care of details, research fabrics that are 90% Italian and never synthetic. Tina’s models look good on many, if not everyone. [in Italian]

Source: IlVestitoVerde.com

Rome Beyond Colosseum

The shops in Monti are not big name stores, such as Prada and Gucci, but rather independent boutiques and artisanal shops. Tina Sondergaard is a fashion boutique where the pieces are of original designs and are not sold anywhere else.

Source: OurTrueLife.com

Top choice fashion & accessories in Monti, Esquilino & San Lorenzo

Sublimely cut and whimsically retro-eque, Tina Sondergaard’s handmade threads for women are a hit with fashion cognoscenti, including Italian rockstar Carmen Consoli and the city’s theatre and TV crowd. 

Styles change by the week rather than the season, femininity is the leitmotif, and you can have adjustments made (included in the price). Everything is remarkably well priced considering the quality of the fabrics and workmanship.

Source: LonelyPlanet.com

From my city to yours: exploring Roman style in the Monti neighbourhood with fashion designer Tina Sondergaard

Italian customers can be a very tough crowd. They’ve usually had a seamstress in the family, and they have a real tailoring tradition. They know about fabrics, cut and length and they know what they’re talking about.

The younger generations tend to know a little bit less; they’re losing that tradition of made-to-measure. But then again, lots of young people are going back to it. Either way, I won’t let anyone out of the shop if I’m not happy with how they’re looking. The body has to wear the clothes, not the other way round.

Source: NationalGeographic.co.uk

The designers of Monti

Fifteen years ago, the Danish designer opened her self-named boutique, having fallen in love with Monti’s indie spirit. Her vintage style dresses inspired by the 1950s are objects of worship by trendsetters. The hallmark of her styles, which change weekly, is femininity. You can buy them directly in the shop or have them custom-made.

Source: IberiaPlusMagazine.com

Custom-fit, Italian-made clothes at Tina Sondergaard’s Shop

Once you enter into Tina’s boutique, you will be greeted with a range of styles and prints to choose from, where no piece could be labeled as “boring”. Once an item is chosen, each customer is measured so that the piece is specifically made for her, and not the other way around.

Source: Romeing.it

Rome From the Colosseum To Rione Monti

Dreaming of a 1950s Vacanze Romane dress? Tina Sondergaard is the boutique where you can find them and customize them as you wish.

Source: ZigZagMom.com

Sondergaard: a Dane in Rome

Tina Sondergaard’s is a fascinating and romantic story, just like the clothes she creates, made to enhance beauty of women and adapt to their bodies with multiple shapes. “I am self-taught, I first started by designing and then going to the Paris markets, where I bought old Dior and Chanel suits and took them apart to make them again, and when you open a 1950s dress you find a world inside”. [in Italian]

Source: Repubblica/Tuttocittà

Tina Sondergaard, the harmony of the 1950s

In the heart of Rome there is a precious corner, where the 50s come to life every day, made to measure, with a snap of fingers thanks to Tina Sondergaard, designer of Danish origins but Roman by adoption, who recreates the charm of fabulous ‘fifties’ has done its mission. [in Italian]

Source: IlGiornaleOff.it

Shopping in Rome, Italy: Monti, the Artsy District

A Danish expat and longtime Rome resident, designer Tina Sondergaard’s eponymous store features her whimsical, handcrafted garments and will make you your own custom garment by commission.

Source: EatingEurope.com

Shopping in Monti: Tina Sondergaard

Tina Sondergaard has been designing dresses for years. I had walked by her store on via Boschetto oh, about a thousand times. I loved the 1950’s vibe of the designs with echoes of an Ossining era Betty Draper, yet somehow just a little more modern.

Source: GilliansLists.com

Rich colors

The Danish designer Tina Sondergaard displays her signature label at this cute and small store. The colorful creations designed by her are in keeping with the soul of the free-spirited woman.

Her designs are well loved and patronized by many, such that she is now a much coveted brand, designing custom dresses for the glamorous. One can find bright dresses, tops and accessories that change with season. Clothes can also be fitted here at the small sewing space in the corner.

Source: CitySeeker.com

Danish-born fashion designer that whips up custom-made contemporary creations with a 1950s vibe.

Tina Sondergaard is a naturalized Roman Danish fashion designer, who signs the pieces of the homonymous brand made with a vintage taste and an eye to the future of a comfortable and sensual fashion, designed to enhance and accompany the shapes of real women.

She creates from retro prints models suitable for everyday life, for the woman who works, but she still wants to dress with irony, with comfortable clothes that do not neglect femininity. [in italian]

Source: FindGlocal.com

Happy 50ths: clothes for a good mood

Very colorful, a bit ironic, cut from the 50s, sometimes a jacket in the 40s style, a bit 60s, a bit twiggy and vintage. I like this era because there are very nice cuts.

My style is a mix of bold colors and a simple cut. I love to find good fabrics because every fabric has a life. It is enough to interpret this. I buy all of the fabrics in Florence, everything is made in Italy. My style should be entertaining and fun. I want to make clothes for a good mood. [in German]

Source: Ciao-Roma.de

From Rome to Paris: The streets of haute couture between the latest generation of Capitoline ateliers and the magical atmospheres of the Ville Lumiere

First stop at Rione Monti, reachable by metro with line B, or on foot from Via Cavour, to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the 50s by Tina Sondergaard, in Via del Boschetto, 1. Also present in the Louis Vuitton City Guide, this small boutique-laboratory breaks the concepts of seasonality and collection to restore the pleasure of a made-to-measure suit.

It is Tina herself who chooses and buys exquisitely vintage fabrics and with them she creates sheath dresses, skirts and trousers according to the meters available. The sizes start from 42, but in reality, once worn, the garment is immediately modeled on the client’s body, tightening it, widening it, shortening it or lengthening it to give back a unique piece. [in Italian]

Source: Issuu.com/EdizioniLaFreccia

Shopping and strolling through the heart of Rome

The vintage vibe of Monti has helped it become a design micro climate, and its sun drenched streets are often the backdrop and inspiration for cutting edge designers from around Europe.

Danish born Tina Sondergaard makes made to order creations in her shop on Via del Boschetto that seem to come right out of the pages of a 1950s photo album, but with all the comfort of a custom fit.

Source: ItalyPerfect.com

Danish fashion in Rome

Independent fashion and vintage-inspired clothes inside the small atelier “Tina Sondergaard”, of the homonymous designer (via del Boschetto 1d). Here you will find one-of-a-kind or limited pieces in wool or silk, at medium prices. Beautiful coats, sweaters and wool dresses with retro lines. There are also many colored handbags and hats. There are frequent aperitifs organized by Tina for friends, customers and just curious. [in Italian[

Source: Blogo.it