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Check out which items are featured in our Monti shop window this season, and going wild on our Instagram.

We are very busy on social networks and at our fashion shop, and we don’t have time to maintain a website, so we’ll use our Instagram posts to show you our latest vintage style hand-made fashion creations.

Remember that we can fit any of our models to your exact size and needs, and we can use fabric you like on one item to make a different item from our shop.

Just contact us for more info, and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook. If you are planning to be in Rome, don’t forget to come see us at our atelier shop in the central Rione Monti.

our hand-made vintage fashion creations

Explore some of the vintage creations from our atelier in Monti by browsing the categories below, or just keep scrolling to see some of the items we shared on our Instagram. Contact us for more info, or to let us know how we can help you jump into a classy vintage style in no time.

hand-made dresses

Hand-made vintage-style dresses are probably our most popular creations. Our hand-made dresses are high on demand from all over the world, and can be customized to your exact fit, and with the fabric and the details that inspire you the most.

hand-made accessories

Here are some of our hand-made creations when it comes to ’50 styled accessories such as bags, scarfs, belts, foulards, gloves and more. 


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