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At Tina Sondergaard we respect your privacy and we will never share our clients’ data to third parties.

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Privacy Policy

At Tina Sondergaard we respect your privacy and we will never share our clients’ data to third parties.

All personal data acquired by Tina Sondergaard (TSG), online and offline, are processed in ways based on principles of correctness, lawfulness, transparency and protection of users’ privacy, in accordance with Legislative Decree 30 June 2003 n. 196 and subsequent additions, and the recent General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR 2018).

This website does not collect personal data, but uses cookies to allow our users’ browsers to navigate our content more easily (see Cookie policy below).

The Site’s only personal data collection point is the form for the registration to our newsletter, which collects data provided by users who intend to stay in touch and get updates by TSG. This information will be processed exclusively for the purpose of communication and contact with customers, and will not be transferred to third parties, in full compliance with privacy and GDPR legislation. The registration to our newsletter is technically managed by the platform MailChimp, which requires a double opt-in for all registered users, and whose privacy policy is compliant with all EU regulations.

Traffic on this website is measured using the free web platforms offered by Google, such as Google Search Console and Google Site. The performance of the site is measured in order to evaluate the effectiveness of our communication and the interest of users in our content. These analysis are performed for anonymous statistical aggregates and no direct association is made between individual users and website content. After the recent decisions by Italian Garante Privacy, we have decided to dismiss the Google Analytics platform.

For any communication, information, suggestion or complaint regarding privacy, please contact Tina Sondergaard at the following contact information:

Tina Sondergaard
Via del Boschetto, 1/D – 00184 Rome, Italy
Tel: (+39) 06 83655761